At Coakleys you will find your perfect pair of glasses and sunglasses with our experienced Lens experts/Frame Stylists. They are able to advise you on shapes and colours to suit your face shape and skin shade.

You will have over 1000 styles to choose from, and be spoilt for choice, from traditional and bespoke, rimless and vintage to quirky. There is something for everyone.

Safer lenses: All SEIKO lenses are made out of materials that are broadly referred to as ‘plastic’. In comparison to glass lenses, plastic lenses are lighter and more impact resistant. That means that plastic lenses provide peace of mind for the spectacle wearer. 
Anti reflection coating: The vast majority of SEIKO lenses include a scratch resistant hard-coating, special anti reflection coating and easy-to-clean water resistant surface coating.
ALL Seiko lenses are designed to offer the wearer clear sight and natural vision, and include a premium easy-to-clean anti-glare coating. As well as providing maximum protection against harmful UV rays, the SuperClean coating is reflection-free and enhances clarity of vision. 
Made using the very latest digital grinding technology, SEIKO lenses are fine tuned to exactly match your prescription and to meet your lifestyle needs. Using the same technology, SEIKO’s Varifocal lenses are custom-made, giving maximum comfort and minimum distortion. Available with several thin and light options, even wearers with higher prescriptions can benefit from the design and style of SEIKO lenses. 
As a SEIKO lens specialist we have software which enables us to view the finished lens shape and thickness before ordering to ensure we can get the optimum lens design specifically for your prescription, frame design and measurements.